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Center for Studies and Research of Hamedan Islamic Council

About us: Today, due to the increasing progress of various sciences and the emergence of new and multifaceted issues, attention to research and study has become an indispensable necessity to solve these challenges. On the other hand, following the expansion of cities and the complexity of issues related to urban management, policy makers and decision-makers in this area have inevitably established coherent and targeted research centers. In this regard, the Islamic Council of Hamadan, with the proper understanding of this necessity, which is the basis of decision making on research and study, launched the Center for Studies and Research in November 2013. This has been done in pursuance of the second paragraph of Article 80 of the Law on the Organization, Duties and Elections of the Islamic Councils and the election of mayors and with the goals set forth in the text of the Article. From the beginning to the present, Mrs. Nurollah Zadeh, for two years, Dr. Mowlavi for one year, Mr. Badami Nejat had been serving as head of the department for one year and now Dr. Giah Shenas manages the Center. During these years, the Center has tried to identify the city’s problems and issues and prioritize them using the knowledge of authorities and experts to solve the challenges expertly and to help the Islamic Council of Hamadan in order to achieve goals such as knowledge-based planning, the scientific elaboration of policies, the adoption of accurate and timely decisions and effective monitoring of the urban management complex.

Missions and Strategies: In general, the Center for Studies and Research of Hamedan Islamic Council is to provide research services and to offer expertly and advisory comments for heads of commissions and other members of the Islamic Council of the City in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Helping to clarify the vision, goals, strategies and functional policies of the Islamic Council of the City;
  • Identifying and introducing new and desirable achievements for the future of the City and passing it into the urban management body;
  • Helping the governance of strategic thinking and future studies at the Islamic Council of the City;
  • Increasing the effectiveness of policymaking processes, planning and evaluation of City Council decisions;
  • To direct and coherent the research activities related to urban management

Contact Us: The Hamadan Islamic Council’s Center for Studies and Research welcomes your suggestions, comments and criticisms to improve the monitoring of city affairs and urban management. To do this, you can inform us about your viewpoints by filling out our feedback form ( on http://hamedanresearch.ir/contact/)

Address: Hamadan Islamic Council’s Center for Studies and Research- Quranic and International Conferences Center- Eram Blvd- Hamedan- Iran

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